Prescription Strength Antiperspirants

If you’ve tried the first category (clinical strength) of antiperspirants for excessive sweating, the next step up from that would be prescription strength. If you didn’t see the desired results from the weaker strengthed products then prescription strength are what you should be looking at.

Prescription strength antiperspirants contain an active ingredient called aluminium chloride, which comes in a 12-16% solution in these types of antiperspirants. For the majority of hyperhidrosis sufferers, aluminium chloride really goes to work on their sweat. There are several prescription strength products on the market, but the ones I’ve had first hand experience with include:

Each of these antiperspirants are water based which is supposed to ease the irritation which you would get from an alchohol based solution. However, the irritation can still be uncomfortable for a lot of people judging from the many reviews I’ve read online.

The general consensus from the reviews is that both Maxim and Certain-Dri are effective. There’s not much to seperate the two apart from a few inactive ingredients such as moisturizers and buffering solutions. As these products tend to irritate the skin it’s essential that you apply at night to completely dry skin, otherwise you’ll get the annoying itchiness and redness throughout the night. I find that patting your underarms down with talc after applying eases some of the itchiness you get. Apply the talc half an hour or so after applying the antiperspirant to give it chance to enter the skin’s pores.

Many people haven’t seen the results they would have liked from these two products, but the overwhelming majority have. So my advice is it’s worth testing out for yourself. Again, offer the best prices that I could find online. Offline retailers are almost certainly going to be higher priced. Click here to compare prices on!

Other Prescription Strength Antiperspirants

I’ve recently come across another prescription strength antiperspirant, it’s called Klima. Unlike the lotion solutions of Maxim and Certain-Dri, Klima is a spray, contains odour fighting ingredients, and has a product for the hands and for the feet. Products include:

Klima is a fairly new product and doesn’t have many reviews to speak of. However, from the reviews of Klima I did find, there was a mixed response. Some customers were delighted with the results, others were complaining about the burning, itching, and redness that occurs with most prescription strength antiperspirants. There were also those that didn’t see effective relief from their sweating. Because of the mixed bag, I would definitely say it’s worth the gamble. You can get them from Klima’s very own website ( or from, both offer Klima at $24.95.

Side Effects of Prescription Strength Antiperspirants

As I’ve said earlier, you may experience some form of itching or burning, but there are options to alleviate them. Maxim offer a sensitive skin version of their product which has received mixed reviews. People have reported that their sweating had stopped but the itchiness was still happening, however it was less than with the usual Maxim product. Again, try adding a talcum powder to stop the itching, or a sensitive moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera.

Other Things you Need to Know

Maxim and Certain-Dri don’t contain deodorant. It’s widely believed that because you’re not sweating it’s highly unlikely you’ll experience any odour. However, many people who’ve tried these products have reported some odour. To solve that problem you can try Certain Dri’s A.M. Underarm Refresher which acts as a coolant and tackles odour. You could also use a standard deodorant that you can buy form the shops. Just make sure it doesn’t contain alchohol or you could experience a flare up of the itching or burning.


Every one reacts differently to different antiperspirants like they do with the several hyperhidrosis treatments available. It’s just a matter of trying and testing to find the one that works best for you. Having said that, I believe the ones that I’ve discussed above are your best bets. If one doesn’t fit with what you need, try the next. Hyperhidrosis treatments only get more expensive as you move up, so it makes sense to try all the antiperspirants open to you first, before you look at more expensive treatments such as botox, ETS, or Iontopheresis.

You can purchase each of these antiperspirants from local retailers, but the best prices are likely to be had online from somewhere like

I hope you find the products helpful, I’m sure you’ll have some success with them.

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